Video | Sawe X The Zombie Kids, The Wall

In the beginning of October Sawe surprised us all with his amazing made in collaboration with Tomás Peña for the music group The Zombie Kids. This is a second video on the same theme, but about a mural he made, and it comes booming to the catchy track by TZK together with the same characters […]

Sneak’s November 2014 Picture Update | Part 2

Well, we’re half way through November already, so I figured I’d better put up another photo update for the month. As usual, another 30+ graffiti photos from around the Ottawa/Gatineau area. No snow yet, but I figure it’s only a matter of time now. Hope you enjoy the pics. -Sneak

Event Wrap Up | Celebrating German Reunification

On November 6th, the second portion of House of Paint’s partnership with the Federal Republic of Germany went down at the Diefenbunker museum in Carp, Ontario. The following are a few photos from the exhibit opening, which will be on display at the museum until March 2015. We’ll also post a link to the CTV […]