Photos | “Saute” Los Angeles Spiderman Billboard

  Billboard season is in full affect & graffiti artist Saute has been letting suckas know who is on top! Smashing the dopest billboards that are being released, this killer’s killer looks like he’s gonna keep on stomping & doing his thang until there is no tomorrow. Here is the latest & newest from his […]

Video | World’s Longest Chocolate Train

We realize this isn’t a graffiti related post, but the staff at Keepsix are avid railfans as well and wanted to share this video. A Maltese artist makes the longest chocolate train in the world as Brussels Chocolate Week kicks off. The 112-foot long train set a new Guinness World Record as the longest chocolate […]

Video | Katsu Graffiti Drone

Source: Katsu, like many graffiti artists, has a preoccupation with leaving his mark in hard-to-reach places. A few years back he developed an especially clever tool for the job, modifying a fire extinguisher to spray larger-than-life tags across entire walls. (One high-profile target: the side of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles […]

Photos | Miami – Abandoned Missile Silo

Take a tour into one of the most visited abandoned places the greater Miami area has to offer. The site is tucked away out west on the edge of The Everglades, taking up over just well over 10 acres of land. Urban legend has it this site was formerly an insane asylum. But the truth […]

Link | Crime in the City – Ottawa crime reports

The Ottawa Police Service has a web tool designed to point out all of the crime incidents in the city. We’re not sure if this is more a tool to scare the shit out of the public than a crime “prevention” measure. Maybe by showing the public it’s used as a real time meter for […]

Video | The Brain Dead Presents The Burn Episode 10

Burn – Episode 10 from The Braindead on Vimeo. The Brain Dead recently dropped Episode 10 of their Burn series. Featuring great rolling stock footage of freight kings such as Hbak, Hindue, Mecro, etc it also features Oter, Alamo, and friends getting down on some steel. A great watch for any rail fan! Source: Juxtapoz